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Diamond S Titanium Quiet Lightweight Silencer, weighs just 4 pounds while still providing a 3.5 horsepower increase.  Diamond S exhausts do not require fuel changes or modifications. Simply bolt-on and go. The titanium exhaust has a noise-canceling baffled design. This eliminates the need for packing, making it one of the quietest if not the quietest aftermarket exhausts. Our lightweight silencer will pass the SAE J-2567 stationary sound test (stationary snowmobile noise emission may not exceed 88 decibels).  Unlike steel, titanium is highly resistant to rust and corrosion providing a longer product life. Compared to steel, titanium has a high strength to weight ratio, making it possible to build an extremely strong exhaust system while at the same time providing very substantial weight savings over stock and other aftermarket exhausts. Our titanium exhaust provides an overall weight savings of 11.6 pounds.


All Diamond S exhausts have a new domed cap design that greatly improves the strength of the silencer and the overall look of it. Every exhaust has our logo etched onto the titanium so it will never burn off and stay visible even when the color changes.


*Compatible with all Polaris 850 models (including Axys and Matryx chassis) and the Polaris 900R.


**Cooker mount is designed to be compatible with Trail Chef Food Warmer.





Polaris 850/ 9R Titanium Quiet

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